How to Memorialize Your Loved One

By Top Funeral Home - 10/7/2019

Top Funeral HomeLosing someone you love is never easy. While you may be dealing with a multitude of emotions, one thing you'll want to do is memorialize your lost loved one. But, what is the right way to do that? There isn't a specific way that is right or wrong when it comes to memorializing your loved one. The only thing that matters is that you do what you feel is right.

David Levy, Funeral Director of Epstein Memorial Chapel, confirms that the number and variety of ways to memorialize your loved one has never been greater. "It is one of the ways the funeral industry has evolved to benefit the consumer." David believes that customization has never been more accessible due to the advances in technology and that people can do almost anything alongside the guidance of their funeral director.

With the endless ways you can go about your memorial, we have some options we would like to share with you to give you a nice starting point. We hope that our suggestions here at Top Funeral Home can help you through this tough process.

Modern Funeral Guest Book
Putting a twist on the traditional guest book can make the experience more unique and personal. An increasingly popular idea to memorialize your loved one is to have everyone write their favorite memory on a heart and place it into a shadow box. This box is then filled with hearts that have tons of happy and special memories on them. Reading over these memories are sure to bring a smile or laugh even during this difficult time.

Photo Collages
Putting together pictures of your loved one during their favorite times and enjoying their life is a great way to remember them. Having this visual remembrance of them is nice for you and also for others attending the service. Being able to look back and reflect on the happy times will help everyone smile a bit during this difficult time. There are many different ways you can do this, but attaching photos to balloons for the service is a fun and unique way to do this and will allow a nice decorative touch to any area.

Plant a Memorial Tree
Memorial trees are a nice way to remember your loved one. It's something you can take care of and watch grow over time. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to picking out your memorial tree, but here are some tips we recommend you follow

Table of Favorite Foods & Drinks
Having a table filled with your loved ones favorite drinks and food is a great way for people to reminisce about them. Whether it's the signature dish they always made, or the drink they always ordered when they went out, it's sure to spark memories for you and your guests. You can also ask guests to bring something they always enjoyed eating or drinking with your loved one to get more involvement if you'd like.

Play Their Favorite Song
It's easy to make a memorial personal and special by playing your loved ones favorite song. You can even have cards lying around explaining that it's their favorite song along with the lyrics. If you play it during the funeral service, you can put an explanation in the program as well.

At Top Funeral Home, we understand that loss is never an easy thing to go through. We are confident that our suggested funeral homes will make your loss a bit easier and will help you manage all of the details. If you're dealing with a lot of grief, check out our blog post of Healthy Ways to Mourn Your Loss for some tips on getting through this difficult time.